1. You must be of legal age to join BucksPortal program and promote our sites.

2. BucksPortal pay 50% of all your subscriptions and subsequet rebills.

3. You can send us visitors by any of the following ways: Blind Links, Text Links, Banners, Full Page Ads, Consoles or any other approved method. Free content, banners, full page ads must be downloaded and served from your server(s). Hotlinking to any promotion content is not allowed.

4. You are not allowed to send visitors from website(s) which includes child pornography, beastialty, warez, rape, password selling or trading, unsolicited emails or spamming of chat rooms and ICQ. These activities will result in immediate termination of your account without payment.

5. Promo materials can be used only in advertising of BucksPortal sites

6. All used banners should be located on your server

7. You can use your own banners, but only if they contain the proper and correct information.

8. Registering at BucksPortal, webmaster automatically agrees to receive by email all new information which concerns BucksPortal

9. We have the right to change, modify, and amend and/or supplement present terms and conditions at any moment without notification.

10. If you provide us incorrect contact information we reserve the right to bann your account.

11. Multi-registrations by one webmaster in order to u